Research Grants

Committee Chair: Stacey Pigg, North Carolina State University and Joanna Schreiber, Georgia Southern University.

The research grants committee is charged with the administration and reviewing of applications for the research grants. They make a recommendation for awardees that is forwarded to the Executive Committee for approval.

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The 2019 CFP for research grants will be available in early 2019. Stay tuned!

Past Recipients


  • Laura Gonzales, Ann Shivers-McNair & Kendall Leon: Developing User-Centered Technical & Professional Writing Programs at Hispanic-Serving Institutions
  • Kristin Bivens, Tim Elliot, and Gustav Wiberg: Locating Technical and Professional Communication at Two-Year Institutions


No awards given due to the cancellation of the 2016 conference because of Hurricane Matthew.


Program undergoing review and evaluation; no awards given.


Program undergoing review and evaluation; no awards given.


  • Stephanie Vie and Jennifer DeWinter: Social Media in Technical and Professional Communication: A Programmatic and Curricular Survey and a Repository of Current Practices
  • Erin Frost,Guiseppe Getto, and Therese Penell: Analyzing successful professionalization practices in technical and professional communication


  • Pavel Zemliansky: A Study of the Effectiveness of Experiential, Client-­‐Based Projects in Three Professional Communication Courses.


  • Ann Brady, Joanna Schriber, and Marika Seigel: Angles of Repose : Encouraging Productive Exchange among Technical Communication Programs and the Workplace
  • Josephine Walwema and Dana Lynn Driscoll: Activating Prior Knowledge through Metacognitive Awareness: An Empirical Study of Professional Writing Courses
  • Tammy Rice-Bailey: Veteran Technical Communicators: Their Take on Quality, Subject Matter Specialists, and Audience


  • Donna Kain: Fostering International Collaborations in Professional, Technical, and Scientific Communication Programs
  • Rich Rice: Technical Communication Program Development through Culture-centered, Glocal Indian-U.S. Study and Teaching Abroad Exchange Models
  • Claire Lauer: 12 Designers Responding: Establishing Models of Document Design Feedback in Technical Communication Programs


  • Janel Bloch: Learning from Interns: Recommendations for programs in technical and scientific communication
  • Laura Palmer: Information Literacy Skills of Incoming Master’s Students in Online Technical Communication Programs: An Examination of Faculty Expectations and Student Competencies
  • Rebecca Rickly and Gregory Zobel: Doctoral Student Research Confidence and Research Challenges
  • Heather Shearer and Henrietta Shirk: Foundational Research to Develop Resources for Health Communication Programs


  • Lisa Meloncon: TechComm Programmatic Central: Updating and Populating a Database of Comprehensive Programmatic Data
  • Michael Salvo: European Developments in User-Centered Design: Articulating Centers of Practice
  • Susan Youngblood, Jo Mackiewicz, and Stewart Whittemore: Database for Service Learning Opportunities in Technical Communication (SLOT-C Database)


  • Susan Popham: African-American Women in a Technical Writing Program
  • Karl Stolley, Freddrick Logan, and Mathew Ephraim: Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) in Distance Education


  • Ann Brady and Laurence Jose: Linguistic and Cultural Diversity in Scientific and Technical Communication
  • Ed Malone: The Role of Historical Studies in Technical Communication Curricula
  • Elizabeth Avery Gomez: Towards a Lexicon for Diversity in Technical and Scientific Communication Programs: Strengthening the Message in Academic Programs and Professional Organizations


  • Carolyn Rude and Kelli Cargile Cook: The Academic Job Market in Technical Communication, 2005-2006
  • Jim Nugent: Technical Communication Certificate Program Instructors: Their Situation and Professional Status
  • Nancy Coppola and Norbert Elliot: A Community Research Model for Assessment of Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication


  • Kirk St.Amant: Expanding CPTSC Program Review Activities: Creating a Reviewer Network
    Stevens Amidon and Stuart Blythe: Economics, Technology, and the Management of Technical Communication


  • Kenneth T. Rainey and Roy K. Turner: STC Management Interviews
  • Doreen Stärke-Meyerring and Ann Hill Duin: Global Program Partnerships in Technical Communication
  • Sandra Harner: Trends in Undergraduate Curricula in Technical and Scientific Communication Programs


  • Charlotte Thralls, Mark Zachry, and Kelli Cargile Cook: A Profile of Doctoral Graduates in Professional, Technical, and Scientific Communication, 1995-2000