Graduate Student Committee (CPTSC-GSC)

Committee co-chairs
Katlynne Davis, University of Minnesota (
Danielle Stambler, University of Minnesota (

The Graduate Student Committee (GSC) is charged with developing and establishing activities and programming aimed to make a space for and support graduate students in technical, professional, and scientific writing and communication programs. For 2020-21, the committee is working in multiple areas through four subcommittees:

This subcommittee is working to structure and develop a mentorship program for graduate students along with other professional development activities.

This subcommittee works to promote the diverse needs and experiences of graduate students, particularly those who are underrepresented or marginalized within academia, TPC, or their programs.

This subcommittee organizes potential meet-ups at other conferences, manages a website presence (through the larger CPTSC website), and maintains a social media presence.

Writing Support:

This subcommittee is working to organize peer-editing opportunities, maintain a document repository of various genres (proposals, prospecti, etc.) for all to access, and create a crowd-sourced spreadsheet of relevant funding opportunities.

If there are activities you would like to see the GSC work on, or you are interested in getting involved with this committee, please contact Katlynne or Danielle.