Committee Chair: Xiaoli Li, University of Dayton.

The International Committee is charged with working to facilitate relationships internationally around programs and research in technical, professional, and scientific communication.

In 2018, the committee will be working toward a more specific set of initiatives.

If you would like to participate in this committee, please contact us.

Short History of the Committee

CPTSC’s interest in international organizations began in 1999 when Deborah Andrews proposed hosting a CPTSC-sponsored educators’ round table in conjunction with the next INTECOM FORUM, scheduled for London in July 2000. Having attended the previous FORUM the year before in Dortmund, Germany, Andrews noted that CPTSC was a member of INTECOM, an umbrella organization for various technical communication organizations, including STC, and that many technical communication educators from around the world attend FORUMs. CPTSC could sponsor a one-day round table just prior to the FORUM and attract participants already coming to London.

Since that time, CPTSC has continued to seek out opportunities to partner with other organizations to discuss issues facing the field from a global perspective. We have participated in a number of international fora.

Read some of the recaps: