Committee Co-Chairs

Julia Romberger, Old Dominion University
Jason Tham, Texas Tech University

The Administrators Committee is charged with providing administrative and teaching resources to membership. The single item, broad charge is in place so that the committee can be agile and flexible based on the interests of committee members and current trends within the field.

The White Paper Subcommittee

The Administrators Committee established a subcommittee to develop white papers, or reports, to inform membership concisely about complex issues facing the field of technical, professional, and scientific communication. This White Paper Subcommittee consists of

  • Felicia Chong, Oakland University
  • Tammy Rice-Bailey, Milwaukee School of Engineering
  • Aimee Roundtree, Texas State University

If there are particular topics you would like to see covered, or if you are interested in potentially writing or contributing to a white paper, contact Tammy.

Read the white papers.

Current and Future Projects

Other projects on which the Administrators Committee is currently working include organizing and providing sample resumes and syllabi to membership.

In 2019-20, the Administrators Committee will be working on identifying other initiatives to assist our members. If you would like to join the Administrators Committee, the White Paper Subcommittee, or any other CPTSC committee, please contact us.