We’re looking for a new Treasurer. Could that be you?

The current CPTSC Treasurer, Joanna Schreiber, wishes to end her two-year term early, so the CPTSC Executive Committee has authorized a special election to find a new Treasurer to serve an interim term (fall 2021-fall 2022).

If you are interested in becoming CPTSC Treasurer, or you know of another member of CPTSC who would fit this role well, please submit a nomination to Marj Rush Hovde at mhovde@iupui.edu by June 15, 2021.

This crucial position offers an experienced colleague an opportunity to contribute to the effective functioning and future success of CPTSC.

The outgoing Treasurer has offered to orient and train the newly elected Treasurer.  We hope that the new Treasurer would continue in this role beyond the interim term and be willing to be included on the ballot during the next regular election in 2022.

The Treasurer is responsible to:

  • Handle financial matters of the organization including the receiving and recording of dues and payments, paying the bills of the organization, and handling tax and 501(c)3 documentation.
  • Work with conference chairs on event, space rental, and hotel contracts and disbursements.
  • Report financial matters to membership.
  • Work with awardees, research offices, and the CPTSC Grants Committee to distribute grant funding.
  • Work with committee chairs and the CPTSC Secretary to distribute awards and scholarships.
  • Work with the Secretary to manage conference registration and to document membership.
  • Review proposals that require expenditures to determine the effect on the organization’s finances.
  • Oversee the organization’s non-profit status and provide annual reports to the Internal Revenue Service by the due date.

Thank you from the CPTSC special election nominating committee,

Kimberly Harper
Sean Williams
Marj Rush Hovde