Recruiting contributing writers for the CPTSC White Paper Subcommittee

We are recruiting contributing writers for the ​​CPTSC White Paper Subcommittee. If you would like to be more involved with national professional service by writing white papers for CPTSC, please keep reading!

In spring 2016, the White Paper Subcommittee was formed as part of the CPTSC Administrator’s Committee, which is tasked with providing administrative and teaching resources to membership. Tammy Rice-Bailey (The Milwaukee School of Engineering) serves as the subcommittee chair, and Aimee Roundtree (Texas State University) and Felicia Chong (Oakland University) are members. They are charged with developing white papers (reports) to inform membership concisely about complex issues facing the field of technical and professional communication. To date, they have written six single-authored 4- to 5-page white papers​​ (on social media, student recruitment, program assessment, grant writing, service learning, and collaboration in the classroom), which were approved by the CPTSC Executive Committee before being shared on the CPTSC website.

​​Expectations for Contributing Writers
As a contributing writer, you would begin by proposing your topic interests and anticipated timeline using this Google Form (one topic idea per form). Based on the recent CPTSC volunteer survey results, the committee knows that there is interest in the topics of curriculum development for content management, user experience, and online classes, but  are open to anything else that you think would be useful. Since CPTSC focuses on programmatic issues in technical and professional communication, we try to limit the scope of our research to literature in the field that pertains to these types of issues. Also, please let the committee know what your schedule looks like (i.e., when you think the papers can be completed, e.g., August 31, 2018).

Once the subcommittee receives your proposal, we will meet to discuss your ideas and provide you with feedback and a copy of the CPTSC white paper template (in Microsoft Word). You will then write the papers (using 
​the ​APA citation style) and send them to Felicia Chong ( The subcommittee, along with our editors and proofreaders, will review your submissions before sending them to the Executive Committee for approval. It generally takes about four to six months to write a paper from conception to publication.

​​Please note: Although these papers are not peer-reviewed articles, we consider them akin to an “institution repository publication” that writers can later repurpose for future research.

Please let Felicia Chong know if you have any questions! If you are interested, sign up by completing 
this Google Form!

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