And we’re live

4 February 2018 by Lisa Meloncon

At long last, we’ve done some needed improvements to the CPTSC website. The goal of the re-design was to streamline the design and provide a more transparent information architecture. But most importantly, we needed to incorporate an online membership and conference registration system.

There’s still some historical content to add and some additional information here and there, but we were definitely to the point to make the new site live.

In future, this blog space will be a combination of posts by members of the Executive Committee to make the organization and what it does more transparent and more responsive. We’ll also use this space to share information that can effect our programs and our classes with tips or techniques, and it will also make more visible the work involved in both administration and teaching. So contact us if you a have great idea on something to share.

Several people need to be thanked for their work on the site:

  • students from Lisa Meloncon’s web design class that did the hard work through interviewing and research to re-create the information architecture: Joan Lubering, Matt Layton, Natalie Ochmann, and Courtney Todd.
  • Alyssa Smith and Emily Warner (both one time graduate students at the University of Cincinnati), who worked on the design of the new site and getting things moved over and catalogued.
  • Rebecca Walton and Han Yu who did a great editing job and caught so many little errors. If any remain, that’s all on me.
  • Joanna Schreiber and Ryan Hoover, who researched, implemented, and tested the new membership payment system.

If you see a problem or have a great idea on something to add, just contact us.

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