Other Resources

** Being listed on this page is not an endorsement. Rather, the information listed here has proved valuable to some members, thus we are sharing it for others.

Job Boards and Directories

Since it was In technical and professional communication, the vast majority of jobs can be found at

Modern Language Association Job Information List (MLA JIL):


The MLA Job Information List still remains the go-to destination for job seekers in technical and professional communication, and anyone can register for FREE to search for jobs. You should search for jobs under both “technical and business writing” and “composition and rhetoric.” Some schools will put their jobs in one place and others will only list in one.

The Chronicle of Higher Education: https://chroniclevitae.com/job_search/new

You also need to keep your eye on the CPTSC listserv, as well as

WPA: subscription information

ATTW: subscription information

If you’re geographically bound, you may want to go directly to the website of the institution’s that are in the geographic area.

If you cross borders into communication, you should visit the National Communication Association’s job information.

Finding Community Partners

SLOT C Database is a project developed at Auburn University to connect university students who want to do good with their communication projects with nonprofit organizations who want help with their professional communications and are willing to mentor those communication students.

Teaching Online