Current Issue

Volume 11 Issue 1 (Spring 2020) 

Issue 11.1 (entire issue)

From the Editor, Susan L. Popham

Research Articles

  • Chalice Randazzo’s research study “Neo Racism in Résumés: Implications for a Dialog about U.S. Race/Ethnicity and Internationality in Technical and Professional Communication,” asks a difficult question: Should (and can) technical and professional communication (TPC) build in space to talk about the overlaps in how racism impacts U.S. students of color and international students of color?
  • Robert Watkins’ research study “Technical and Sequential: Teaching Comics Production in the Technical Communication Classroom” explores the benefits of teaching comics in a technical writing classroom.
  • Chris Eisenhart and Karen Gulbrandsen explore how the authors have assessed their programs sustainability through a quantitative analysis of enrollment data in “Embracing Efficiency: Using Program Design and Assessment to Face Tough Times.”

Program Showcases

  • “Interdisciplinary Arc: One Program’s Story” walks the reader through Marika Seigel and Ann Brady’s department experience revising their program to be more interdisciplinary-focused at Michigan Technological University.
  • Huiling Ding’s program showcase, “Building International Partnerships: Challenges, Lessons, and Best Practices in Building Accelerated Joint Degree Programs,” explores the process and unique challenges of creating an international, joint degree program at North Carolina State University.

Book Reviews

  • Stephen Fonash’s take on Teaching Professional and Technical Communication: A Practicum in a Book by Tracy Bridgeford
  • Kimberly Harper’s analysis of Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code by Ruha Benjamin.