Current Issue

Volume 12 Issue 2 (Fall 2021) 

From the Editors, Lora Arduser and Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch

Full Issue: Issue 12.2

FOCUS Articles

FOCUS Introduction by Joseph L. Jeyaraj & Stephen A. Royek

Identity, Agency, and Precarity: Considerations of Graduate Students in Technical Communication by Morgan Banville, Meghalee Das, Katlynne Davis, Allison Durazzi, Evelyn Dsouza, Emily Gresbrink, Elena Kalodner-Martin, & Danielle Mollie Stambler

Globalizing Programmatic Perspectives in Pandemic Contexts by Kirk St.Amant

Research Articles

International Service Learning in Technical Communication During a Global Pandemic by Sweta Baniya, Ashley Brein, & Kylie Call

Developing Digital Literacy through Multi-Institution Collaboration and Technology Partnership: An Analysis of Assignments, Student Responses, and Instructor Reflections by Kenyan Burnham & Jason Tham

Open Educational Resources and Technical and Professional Communication: Challenges, Opportunities, and Future Directions by Henry Covey, Sarah Read, & Jordana Bowen

Book Reviews

100 Years of New Media Pedagogy

Reviewed by J.R. Collins

Rewriting Partnerships: Community Perspectives on Community-Based Learning

Reviewed by John Joseph Silvestro