CPTSC Graduate Research Award

We are accepting applications for the second annual CPTSC Graduate Research Award, which honors work that will shape the future of programmatic research in technical and scientific communication. This award program has been developed in collaboration with the CPTSC Graduate Student Committee, and we will award a minimum of one $500 award.

To apply for the CPTSC Graduate Research Award:

  1. Submit your proposal to the CPTSC Conference by the April 29, 2024 deadline. The submission process will allow you to flag your proposal to be considered for the CPTSC Graduate Student Award and conference organizers will forward your proposal to the awards committee. Proposals must be submitted to the conference for consideration, but if you forget to flag your proposal in the system, contact Joanna Schreiber (jschreiber@georgiasouthern.edu) and Allegra Smith (allegra@gatech.edu) to make sure your proposal is identified for consideration. All proposal types are considered.

  2. Submit a 300 to 500 word reflection about how your project will shape the future of programmatic research in technical and/or scientific communication. On a separate cover page, include your name, email, and the name of your graduate program and institution. Send this reflection via email to Joanna Schreiber (jschreiber@georgiasouthern.edu) and Allegra Smith (allegra@gatech.edu) by May 13, 2024. All proposal types (e.g., individual, poster, panel) are considered and the reflection should focus on your specific contribution.

Eligibility: Applicants must have graduate student status at the time of the conference.

Completed applications will be peer reviewed and awards will be announced by August 1, 2024. Please direct any questions about the award to Joanna Schreiber (jschreiber@georgiasouthern.edu) and Allegra Smith (allegra@gatech.edu).