Issue 11.1 of Programmatic Perspectives is here!

We have a lot in store for this issue, released on Nov 12.

Here’s a short preview!

Research articles

  • Chalice Randazzo’s research study “Neo Racism in Résumés: Implications for a Dialog about U.S. Race/Ethnicity and Internationality in Technical and Professional Communication,” asks a difficult question: Should (and can) technical and professional communication (TPC) build in space to talk about the overlaps in how racism impacts U.S. students of color and international students of color?
  • Robert Watkins’ research study “Technical and Sequential: Teaching Comics Production in the Technical Communication Classroom” explores the benefits of teaching comics in a technical writing classroom.
  • Chris Eisenhart and Karen Gulbrandsen explore how the authors have assessed their programs sustainability through a quantitative analysis of enrollment data in “Embracing Efficiency: Using Program Design and Assessment to Face Tough Times.”

Program Showcases

  • Marika Seigel and Ann Brady’s program showcase, “Interdisciplinary Arc: One Program’s Story” walks through their department’s experience revising their program to be more interdisciplinary-focused.
  • Huiling Ding’s program showcase, “Building International Partnerships: Challenges, Lessons, and Best Practices in Building Accelerated Joint Degree Programs,” explores the process and unique challenges of creating an international, joint degree program at North Carolina State University.

The issue also incudes book reviews of Teaching Professional and Technical Communication: A Practicum in a Book edited by Tracy Bridgeford and Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code by Ruha Benjamin.