CPTSC Election Results

Our election for CPTSC officers has concluded.  The 2020-2022 Executive Committee includes:

President: Teena Carnegie

Vice-President: Sean Williams

Secretary: Corinne Renguette

Treasurer: Joanna Schreiber

Members-at-Large: Erin Freiss, Russell Kirkscey, Shelley Thomas, Laura Vernon

Congratulations to these new officers!  Bios are included below. We will welcome them at our CPTSC Special Event on October 1-2.


Teena A. M. Carnegie – President
Eastern Washington University

I am currently a professor at Eastern Washington University where I chaired the English department from 2008 to 2012, and I have directed the EWU technical communication program since 2006. I have been a member of CPTSC since 2002. Through CPTSC, I have built valuable friendships and connections with colleagues across the nation. Through the conference, I have participated in discussions that were instrumental in helping me build a strong and effective BA program. I have served on the CPTSC assessment committee, served twice as a member-at-large, and co-chaired the conference three times. As vice-president, I compiled and edited the conference proceedings, surveyed members, and participated in managing all aspects of the organization. With your support, I will continue to serve CPTSC.

Sean Williams – Vice-President

University of Colorado-Colorado Springs
Sean D. Williams currently directs the new Technical Communication and Information Design (TCID) program at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs—the only independent technical communication department in the state of Colorado. Sean came to UCCS in fall of 2019 and spearheaded the process for creating the new TCID program drawing on his prior experience leading Clemson University’s creation of a doctoral degree in professional communication. In his more than 20 years in administration, Sean has created, revised, reviewed, and implemented technical communication curricula at the undergraduate, master’s and doctoral levels as well as published extensively in the field. Sean frequently collaborates with private industry, and these experiences have enabled him to balance the academic and workplace perspectives in program development, in research, and in his teaching. Currently he is Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions for Professional Communication and a regular reviewer for other journals in the field. As Vice President, he hopes to re-invigorate Programmatic Perspectives—the only journal dedicated to program administration in the field—and to encourage the growth of independent programs and departments of technical communication in the United States. He also hopes to strengthen the international reach of CPTSC, collaborating with non-US universities interested in developing technical communication programs.

Joanna Schreiber – Treasurer
Georgia Southern University

Joanna Schreiber is Associate Professor of Professional and Technical Communication at Georgia Southern University. She has been active with CPTSC for several years, serving as CPTSC Sponsorship Coordinator from 2013 to 2016, as CPTSC Executive Committee Member-at-Large from 2014 to 2016, and as CPTSC Treasurer since 2016. Joanna has also served as the 2016 CPTSC Conference Program Chair and as the 2017 CPTSC Conference Local Host Committee Chair.

Corinne Renguette – Secretary
Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis (IUIPI)

Corinne Renguette is Program Director and Associate Professor of Technical Communication in the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology at IUPUI. She designs and teaches face-to-face, hybrid, and online courses and manages the Technical Communication Writing Center. Her research interests include intercultural technical communication, UX and assessment of educational technologies, and inclusion across the curriculum, especially in STEM education. She has enjoyed serving on the CPTSC Administrator’s Committee and on the Executive Committee as a Member at Large since 2018 and will enjoy continuing to serve CPTSC and the members.

Erin Friess – Member-at-Large
University of North Texas

I’m an associate professor in the University of North Texas’s standalone department of Technical Communication. My experience as my department’s Undergraduate Director and soon-to-be Graduate Director allows me to bring a broad understanding of TPC program challenges and strengths to CPTSC. For the past 2 years, I have served CPTSC as an at-large member, where I have helped assess ways CPTSC can provide value to its community. I also currently serve as CPTSC’s social media manager, where I’ve begun a weekly engagement strategy on Facebook and Twitter. I also planned the CPTSC 2020 conference, and I’m currently pivoting the 2020 conference and re-planning the 2021 conference. Previously, I served on IEEE’s ProComm’s Advisory Committee for three years. I would like to continue serving CPTSC because I believe in its mission to promote and advocate for TPC programs, especially as higher ed faces new financial, enrollment, and retention challenges. CPTSC, with its uniquely programmatic mission, is well positioned to advocate for best pedagogical and curricular practices as we work through these challenging times.

Russell Kirkscey – Member-at-Large
Penn State Harrisburg

I am an Assistant Professor of English and Technical and Professional Writing at Penn State Harrisburg, where I teach upper-level courses and the introductory technical communication course for science and engineering majors. In my courses, I use service-learning projects with multimodal assignments to develop purposeful client communication skills. Additionally, I am working with faculty members to increase the quality of technical communication products and client interactions for students in capstone engineering courses. I also coordinate the program for the Minor in Technical and Professional Writing. In this position, I advise students and interns, plan curriculum, create programmatic assessments, mentor instructors, and work with administrators. I would be honored to serve the CPTSC as a member-at-large. As a past leader of a large state professional communication association, I am well-versed in the tasks associated with the planning and administration of conferences including site management, corporate sponsorship development, and program organization.

Shelley Thomas – Member-at-Large
Weber University

I am Shelley Thomas, Associate Professor at Weber State University (WSU) in Ogden, Utah and have been teaching professional and technical writing at WSU since 2003. My emphases include the professional and technical writing service course, technical editing, and document design. In addition to my teaching, I was the director of the professional and technical writing program (PTW) from 2007-2016. While director, I, with the help of the PTW committee, created a PTW certificate for baccalaureate and post-baccalaureate students that includes six core courses—technical and professional writing, document design, technical editing, content management, variable topics, and internship and practicum. While leading the PTW program, I became interested in CPTSC in order to understand other PTW programs and gain experience to enhance and improve our PTW program. Furthermore, I and my colleague (Dr. Becky Jo Gesteland), have presented at CPTSC about our experience in assessment and community engaged learning. Also, I have served as Area and Session Chairs in the Professional and Technical Writing category for the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association. In these roles, I have organized five sessions for the RMMLA conference (Area Chair) and three to five presentations (Session Chair). I hope to bring my experience, perspective, and understanding to CPTSC by serving as member-at-large.

Laura Vernon – Member-at-Large
Radford University

I am an associate professor of professional and technical writing at Radford University in Virginia. I designed and now coordinate an online graduate certificate in professional writing program. I also took the lead in redesigning the undergraduate professional and technical writing program to provide students with more skills in using technology rhetorically. I have been involved in CPTSC for many years, primarily as a presenter at the annual conferences, and I have found my association with the council and its members indispensable to my work as a leader in program development and coordination. Back in the day when I was working in industry as a professional communicator, I served on an executive board in various positions, including president, of a chapter of a professional association for five years. I bring experience and a desire to serve as a member-at-large to support members in their professional efforts and help the council move forward in productive and meaningful ways.