CPTSC ballot for Member-at-Large position

Results from the CPTSC 2020 election are nearly complete; however, results for one Member-at-Large position resulted in a tie. To address this result, we ask that you please vote again for one Member-at-Large position among two candidates listed.
Today on August 5, you will receive a link to this Member-at-Large ballot.  The link will be sent directly to your email and not through the CPTSC listserv. When you receive the message with the ballot link, you will also receive a password for the ballot. After entering the password, read through the names and bios of the two candidates for Member-at-Large, and select your choice by clicking on the person’s name and bio.  Then submit your vote.
This Member-at-Large ballot will be open until August 12, 2020. Please take a moment and let your voice be heard. If you have questions about the ballot, please contact Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch, chair, nominating committee, at lkbreuch@umn.edu.  Many thanks for your participation in this important process.
We would also like to thank Aimee Roundtree from the CPTSC nominating committee for her help in this ballot process.