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Call for Proposals – Programmatic Perspectives

Administering TPC Programs in Times of Crisis

Co-editors Lora Arduser, University of Cincinnati, and Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities


Programmatic Perspectives, the peer-reviewed publication of the Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC), is soliciting article proposals for an upcoming special issue that will examine programmatic approaches to managing crisis in Technical and Professional Communication (TPC) programs, whether described as financial, related to the COVID-19 pandemic, or addressing issues of social justice and antiracism. This special issue will be published in 2021. 


This special issue welcomes proposals on various aspects of the crises TPC programs face today. This topic was the focus of a 2020 CPTSC special event, and this special issue continues those discussions. As noted in the description of the special event, in the last year, TPC program administration has involved navigating decreasing enrollments and state budgets and the impact of the COVID-19 global pandemic. At the same time, following the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless others, the Black Lives Matter movement has brought renewed attention to the long-standing crisis of violence perpetuated by racism, systemic and otherwise, which are important to technical and professional communication programs. 

We invite manuscripts that address how programs in TPC may be encountering and/or addressing crises during this extraordinary time. What can TPC programs do to remain resilient in the midst of financial crises and budget shortfalls due to COVID-19? How can we look at systemic racism within universities and colleges and make recommendations on how programs can increase inclusion and promote antiracism? How can we be more conscious of well-being and work/life balance in the midst of a global pandemic that reshapes our work practices? 


We invite proposals for formal research articles, program showcases, and commentary pieces that examine how we, as a field, can address crises affecting our programs. Check submission guidelines on the CPTSC Programmatic Perspectives website regarding these categories of submissions. 

To this end, we welcome a variety of perspectives and approaches—historical, applied theory, qualitative and quantitative, case studies, and other kinds of empirical or theoretical entries that examine how we experience and address one or many crises. Prospective questions for this special issue include but are not limited to:

  • What theoretical foundations are important for understanding crises and impacts on academic programs?
  • How can programs explore issues of well-being and self care due to increased workloads and mental health stresses experienced by both students and faculty?
  • What innovations, opportunities, or alternatives may arise due to a global pandemic such as COVID-19? 
  • What stories of resilience can be shared regarding programs, students, or faculty in TPC programs? 
  • How might programs implement antiracist policies or practices specific to TPC programs, including student assessment, inclusion, and recruitment?
  • How might programs implement antiracist policies or practices specific to TPC faculty hiring practices?
  • How might TPC programs address antiracism in their curricula?
  • How do we reimagine programmatic features such as internships, study abroad, international collaboration and travel?
  • How do we reimagine assessment, whether on classroom, programmatic, annual review, or tenure review processes?
  • How can TPC programs adapt and remain sustainable in light of budget crises due to the COVID-19 global pandemic?
  • What programmatic implications of innovative or updated pedagogical practices, such as online or hybrid teaching, may address crises?


Proposals should be between 350-500 words in length (bibliography not included in word length) and are due by 15 January 2021.  

 All proposals should include:

  • The submitter’s name, affiliation, and email address
  • A tentative, descriptive title for the proposed article
  • A summary of the topic/focus of the proposed article
  • An explanation of how the proposed topic/focus connects to the theme of the special issue
  • An overview of the structure/organization of the proposed article (i.e., how the author will address the topic within the context of the proposed article)


Completed proposals should be sent electronically as a .doc file via email to both Lora Arduser at and Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch at  


The schedule for the special issue is as follows:

15 January 2021 – Proposals due

1 February 2021 – Decisions on proposals sent to submitters

1 April 2021– Initial manuscripts due

1 May 2021 – Reviewer comments to authors

15 June 2021 – Revised manuscripts due

30 June 2021 – Final publishing decisions to contributors

July 2021 – Publication of special issue


Questions about proposal topics or about the focus of this special issue should be sent to either Lora Arduser at or Lee-Ann Kastman Breuch at lkbreuch@umn.ed