CPTSC invites interested members to apply for research grants. Proposed research projects should relate to one or more of the following CPTSC goals to:

  • promote programs in technical, professional, and scientific communication
  • promote research pertaining to programmatic issues in technical, professional, and scientific communication
  • develop opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information concerning programs, research, and career opportunities

CPTSC funds projects that contribute to our collective knowledge about all aspects of program administration.  Funds may be used for expenses, materials, salary, and/or travel. CPTSC encourages faculty-student collaborations on projects and inter-institutional projects.

Award amounts vary, but typically, we will fund two awards between $1500-$3500.


To apply for a CPTSC research grant, interested CPTSC members should submit a 2-3 page proposal that contains the following information:

  1. Provide title on all pages
  2. Name, institutional affiliation, and content information for the project investigator(s)
  3. A brief project description
  4. A discussion of the significance of the project to members of CPTSC
  5. An outline of the project methodology or research tasks, including IRB approval if human subjects are involved in any capacity
  6. A projected budget statement (excluding institutional overhead and indirect costs)

Application Guidelines (will be posted in Spring, 2018)